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Freight Ferry Crossing Information: Calais to Dover

Freight Ferry Crossing Information: Calais to Dover

Freight Ferry Crossings from Calais

If you’re a freight driver looking to get home from France a little quicker – or you’re on the Continent and need to come to the UK – you’ll appreciate our step-by-step guide. On this page you’ll find directions to the Port of Calais, plus information on what to expect when you get there.

Port of Calais

Car Ferry Terminal
62100 Calais

GPS coordinates
Latitude: 50° 57’ 58” N (50.96622)
Longitude: 1° 51’ 43” E (1.86201)

Finding the Port

The Port of Calais can be accessed from either the A16 or A26 motorways in France. It’s clearly signposted in English.

Arrival at the Port

At the port itself, follow the overhead signage for the ferry company you’re travelling with. Freight vehicles should stay on the left.

French border control will then ask to see your passport. There may be further checks on your vehicle, but if no French border staff are in attendance, you can proceed to UK border control.

The UK staff will also need your passport and may call you for further checks on your vehicle. At this point you have legally entered the UK.

Checking In

In France, there’s no need to weigh your vehicle, so you can head straight to check in with either P&O or DFDS.

For DFDS, or if this is the first leg of your journey with P&O, you will need your vehicle registration number and passport to help the staff find your booking. If you’re on the return journey with P&O, you can simply hand over the second part of the ticket you received on the way out.

If there’s a problem with your booking, phone us on 044 1304 218328. Staff are available 24 hours a day to make sure we can solve any problems quickly.

Once you’ve checked in, you’ll be given a window hanger for your mirror, and if you’re with P&O, a separate three-part ticket. Take a look at our P&O and DFDS pages for more information on tickets.

Now, simply head to your allocated lane and wait to board the ferry.

Call us for ticket and booking information