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Freight Ferry Crossings from Dunkirk

Freight Ferry Crossings from Dunkirk

If it’s your first time making a freight journey from Dunkirk – or it’s been a while – you’ll appreciate our handy guide. Get everything you need here, from the address and postcode to information on how to check in.
Please note – the French spelling of Dunkirk is Dunkerque.

Port of Dunkirk

Terminal Roulier du Port Ouest
59279 Loon-Plage

GPS coordinates
Latitude: 51° 01’ 15.7” N (51.019)
Longitude: 2° 11’ 52.1” E (2.188)


Finding the Port

Dunkirk is in northern France, near the border with Belgium. You can reach it via the A16 motorway, and it’s well signposted. GPS and postcode information for your satnav can be found above.

Once you Reach Dunkirk

Follow the signs for the car ferry and keep to the left with other freight vehicles.

Next, French border control will ask to see your passport, and there may be checks on your vehicle. We’ve experienced crossings where both French and UK staff were checking every vehicle, so leave yourself plenty of time.

On the other hand, you might find there are no French staff in attendance, in which case you can simply head for the check in booths.

Checking In

At check in you’ll be asked for your vehicle registration number and passport. If there’s any kind of problem with your booking, we have staff on hand 24 hours a day. Just call 044 1304 218328 and we’ll sort it out as quickly as possible.

Dunkirk is a little quieter than Calais, with fewer operators. That means you’ll probably be travelling with DFDS Seaways. You’ll get a window hanger to go in your windscreen. This has a tear off strip at the bottom to hand to the staff when you board.

UK Border Control

This comes after you’ve checked in. Present your passport once more, and be prepared for more checks on your vehicle. After this point, you’ve technically crossed the border into the UK.

From here, it’s simply a case of heading to your allocated lane and waiting until you’re called to board.

Contact us for bookings and advice.